About Us

GT Hair was founded over 23 years ago by our lead stylist Hyacinth Henry. Over the years, she has styled a diverse clientele. Many of her clients are looking for hair extensions and wigs. As her clients asked for many different styles, she noticed one thing was constant; while the quality of the hair her clients were using was great, when they returned for their follow up appointments their extensions and wigs were dry and sometimes damaged.

While Hyacinth was able to fix their hair in the salon, she wanted to give her clients an option to do it themselves at home. Hyacinth went in search of products to purchase and recommend so that her clients would be satisfied. The search for premium quality hair products designed for extensions and wigs proved to be difficult. As a result, Hyacinth decided it was time to start her own brand of hair products.

GT Hair products fill the void left by other companies by only selling products designed for hair but not made for hair extensions and wigs. We worked extensively with a team of scientists and hair experts to fine tune our products.

This means that our products will cleanse, condition, moisturize and style your extensions just as you would your own hair. Our promise to our customers is to only provide superior products for their extensions that will make their extensions last longer and protect the investment they have made in their hair.

We have been providing our customers with an immaculate beauty care experience for over two decades. Our experience in this field has taught us that high quality products and service are the only way to provide maximum customer satisfaction in this competitive industry. For this reason we will not settle for anything less than the best. We are very proud of our products and we hope that you will enjoy them as much as we do!