• "Now I feel very comfortable and confident in my hair piece"


  • "The in house shampoo and conditioner with leave in treatment and curl cream! ABSOLUTELY CHANGED MY HAIR!"


  • "I’m extremely picky with my products but I was very impressed and I can’t wait to get more! Highly recommend!"


  • "Great products that work. My hair was very dry but now it's very moist and stays moisturized for weeks."


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The Classics

Shampoo, conditioner & curl cream. These products will change your hair.

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Revitalizing Cream

The product that started it all: Revitalizing cream. Designed to give moisture to wigs and hair extensions and even more for your natural hair.

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Cleanse, Condition & Moisturize

Plain and simple, our shampoo and conditioner set is designed to clean, condition and moisturize your hair.

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GT Hair Products

Our products were developed by experts in a curly hair salon.

  • Salon Tested

    From shampoo and conditioner to heat protectant spray, hair oils, and hair masks all of our products are salon tested.

  • Made In Canada

    We are a proudly Canadian brand and all of our products are made with love in Ontario.

  • 20 Years Of Experience

    We are here to consistently bring you the latest styles and ideas with over 20 years of experience in the industry.

  • Money Back Guarantee

    A satisfaction guarantee is a promise with all of our products.